About Me!

Hello everyone! You can call me Ms. Aayjaay (Ms. was just to clarify my gender and pronounced as AJ). I live in Delhi, India. Currently, I’m in the first year of BTech in Cse. i am doing it from an engineering college near shimla. I don’t really know why I’m starting to blog at the first place. But, nonetheless. Here I am.

So, I am an aspiring software developer/ engineer/ coder or …. whatever (I don’t know the difference between these *winks* ). I’m not going to tell you what my blogs will be about because I have no eFfing clue myself.

FYI, I always wanted to write plus i recently read on quora that writing a technical blog is somewhat considered good. Though, i strongly doubt if this is technically going to be a technical blog or not.

Now, about mytechnical skills. I’m a novice at it. I don’t have a computer background, i.e. neither from the school nor from my interest. I have just started learning the C language. I’m pretty much, like most of the people around me, trying to get a job at some dream destination kinda company for the software engineers, pretty much like Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Henceforth, I begin.